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Glorious Church Arise

Glorious Church Arise is a ministry of Evangelists Angelo and Pauliina Meli preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world in Churches, streets, cities and villages.

We have set out to preach an uncompromising Gospel with power to live it and power to share it; with a determination to see the Glorious Church Arise!

Our desire is to see the Saints of God set apart and step into their callings, beginning to do the work of the ministry.

We love seeing individuals ignited with the Fire of God, learn to live in the Glory of His Presence in a love relationship with Jesus, then trained to win souls as a normal lifestyle for “average” believers.

Jesus is returning soon for a Glorious Church, pure and holy, without spot or blemish. He has given us His own life and invited us to partake in the Divine Life of the Spirit with Divine Ability to conquer sin, sickness and even death.

It’s time now for The Glorious Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to begin to step into the fullness of the measure of the Ministry of the life of Jesus, with all authority and conquering power to be a living witness of His Resurrection!